About Us

Our founding team was involved in the first IPTV commercial deployment in 1999. We have decades of  combined experience implementing both IPTV and Internet TV systems in the US and beyond.

Singularity was formed to address the problems that other middleware vendors overlook. Though eager to launch successful internet TV services, operators were left frustrated by the complexity of trying to capitalize on this historic business opportunity. Singularity is the platform through which all of these services can be merged.

Our mission is to enable operators to deliver a modern TV experience. 




Matt Ailts—President

Matt is Singularity’s Founder and President.  Prior to founding Singularity, he acted as a consultant for the launch of over 15 IPTV service provider offerings in the US and UK, including Kingston Communications, which, in 1999, launched the first commercial IPTV service. Matt has held numerous senior sales positions with Cable and Wireless, Alcatel, and Extreme Networks. He has a BBA in Finance from Iowa State University.

George Tatakis—Chief Technical Officer

George is Singularity’s Founder and Chief Technical Officer.  George was a lead member of the technical team that launched the first IPTV operator in Greece, On-Telecoms.  George is an expert in content management development and systems integration. George has degrees from SUNY and the Hellenic American Union in Athens, Greece.

Evgeny Kaiko—VP of User Interface Development

Evgeny is Singularity’s Founder and VP of User Interface Development. He has developed dozens of user interfaces for many of the world’s largest service providers, including Deutsche Telecom and France Telecom. Evgeny has a BS in Computer Science from Emek Yizrael College, Israel.

Thales Chadiarakos—VP of Software Development

Thales is Singularity’s Founder and VP of Software Development. He has expertise in software development in both Content Management Systems and User Interface development.  Thales has held senior technical roles at On Telecoms in Athens, Greece.

Stuart Pekowsky—VP of Sales 

Stuart has been both a hardware and software developer of such diverse projects as Air Combat Maneuvering Systems, Real-Time Stock Market Information Systems, GSM Telephone Handset and Switching Systems, and DVB Playout and Receiver systems. He was Department Manager at Betaresearch GmbH for the development of digital set-top-box system software, application software and data broadcasting services. In 2000, he co-founded Plain Digital AB specializing in digital TV platform solutions. From 2003-2012, he was VP Strategic Partnerships for DiBcom, providers of silicon solutions for mobile and portable digital TV reception until the acquisition by Parrot. Stuart holds a BS in Biology/Computer Science degree from SUNY Albany, a BSEE from Arizona State University and MSEE from New York Polytechnic University.